Report builder and data editing in V11

I keep having this problem that, when I edit data in the report builder, the data of other fields is changed randomly too.
It happens in sites that where migrated from v10 to v11.
The versions that I’m currently using are:
ERPNext: v11.1.22
Frappe: v11.1.23

I follow this steps to recreate the bug and generate the gif that is attached to this thread:

  • Create a “child” doctype with one field (all configurations as default except for “in grid view”)
  • Create a “parent” doctype with a data field and a table field (options: “child” doctype")
  • Generate some data
  • Go to the report builder and add the “child” doctype’s field as column
  • Proceed to edit the data

Unsuccessfully attempts:

  • bench update
  • bench update --requirements
  • bench update --bench
  • bench clear-cache
  • bench restart
  • bench migrate
  • bench build
  • bench build --restore
  • Clear the assets folder of the site
  • Create a new bench and a new site



Issue created [bug] Multiples issues in report builder · Issue #14803 · frappe/frappe · GitHub

When a cell is edited, two servers calls are made:

POST to set the value
doctype: DocType Name
name: XX-000001
fieldname: {“field_name”:“Data”}
cmd: frappe.client.set_value

POST with get (this cause the data disappear)
doctype: DocType Name
name: XX-000001
cmd: frappe.client.get

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