Report Builder and document Report

Can we add “add total row” in document report which we can generate from any document by clicking in upper left side bar link with name “report”.

Eg :-
Selling → Document → Sales Order

then upper left corner of side bar there is link text with name “Report” by clicking it, it displays reports with list of selected columns. i want to include “total row” in end. Even i tried to create a “Custom Report” with same no of columns by clicking “add total row” checkbox, but still i am not able to see “total row in end”.

Can anyone guide on this issue.

This is a limitation. Please make a github issue.

thanks Allot Saubabh

I need a little assistance to complete, so that we can complete and contribute it to ERPNext, instead of raising an issue for ERPNext team.

Was this solved? I’m running V6 and ticking “Add Total Row” does not seem to work in my custom reports.