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Hi All,

I am creating new report using “Report Builder” . Is there any way I can change field name in report . I don’t want to change label of fields.

Satish Aralkar

A work around to achieve what you want would be to use a custom translation.

Translate “ID” to “Document No.” in Translation.

All your reports would now show ID as “Document No.”

I would not use “Invoice No.” for obvious reasons.


You can achieve this in script/query report.

e.g - Script report.

tabSales as “Invoice No:Link/Sales Invoice:120”


Thanks @H_N for the reply. Can you please explain more where is translation in report. I am fine if this effected to all reports.


Thanks Sangram, I am having little programming knowledge so I decided to use report builder. Is there any way out to change field name in report builder.


There is a doctype called Translation.

You just enter the term you need translated and the translation you want it to be.

Pretty neat feature where you can customize terms to your local requirements. Eg. Sales Invoice translated to Sales Bill or Receipt or whatever you want.

Try it out.

Thanks @H_N
I just tried for below fields in Translation doc. For example, for Rate, it should translate to Net Rate but no success.

Here is the result.

I tried with single field translation as well but same result as above.

Request you to please help.


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You should do it one item at a time and you should not add “(Sales Invoice Item)” after the data to be translated.


Source Text: “Rate”
Translated Text: “Net Rate”

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Thanks everyone, translation is working for me.