Report Builder - Commission by item


We pay our sales people a commission on certain items that they sell, not on entire invoices. Other items require that we pay our technicians a bonus amount.

I added two checkboxes to the item profile. One for items that generate a sales commission and one for items that generate a technician bonus. I started to build a report but I’m not sure I can make the report I need with the report builder.

Will the following report require paid development?

Column 1. Invoice #
Column 2. Has the invoice been paid?
Column 3. Item sold
Column 4. Item sale price after tax
Column 5. Sales Person/Partner
Column 6. Commission %
Column 7. Commission amount
Column 8. Sales Manager
Column 9. Commission %
Column 10. Commission Amount
Column 11. Has the related delivery note been delivered?
Column 12. Technician
Column 13. Bonus Amount
Column 14. Valuation Rate
Column 15. Net Profit after COGS, VAT, Commissions and Bonuses


@sofia you can engage a freelancer. Try posting a job here:

@rmehta, okay thanks!