Report cant be shown


i just created 2 reports and add it into config directory under the respective
im adding
“type”: “report”,
“is_query_report”: True,
“name”: “Production Actual Report by Closing Voucher”,
“doctype”: “Production Actual Cost Record”
“type”: “report”,
“is_query_report”: True,
“name”: “Production Actual Cost by SPK”,
“doctype”: “Production Actual Cost”

here the json one of the report
“add_total_row”: 0,
“apply_user_permissions”: 0,
“creation”: “2014-11-27 19:19:24.506893”,
“disabled”: 0,
“docstatus”: 0,
“doctype”: “Report”,
“is_standard”: “Yes”,
“modified”: “2014-11-27 22:44:21.120723”,
“modified_by”: “Administrator”,
“module”: “Manufacture Costing”,
“name”: “Production Actual Cost by SPK”,
“owner”: “Administrator”,
“ref_doctype”: “Production Actual Cost”,
“report_name”: “Production Actual Cost by SPK”,
“report_type”: “Script Report”

im adding the other report in the config file it can be shown but the report i just created cant be shown, why ?

Please advise


You must have permissions in the reference doctypes for the report to show

Also do clear cache + refresh.

wow thats works,

thanks a lot