Report customization (Any report)

Dear Team

is there a way to customize any report?

For example, if a column is needed to be add.

Thank You

Yes you can.

Start here.

Hi H_N

add new column of exist report we need to create new report (clone exist report and edit it) or only write add new column of exist report?


Hi @vinhnguyent090,

In this case the best practice is to clone the existing report into a custom app and add a new column in this custom report.


Just to add to above answer:

The reason experienced users follow this best practice is to eliminate the issue of loosing your customization when the original report is ever updated during a system update.



Dear Sir

Is it possible to do the required customization through customization tool & avoid script run/execution?

I am not having experience in scripting side.

Thank you

For simple reports, yes. You need to know a bit of sql query. You can follow examples here.

Hello @Ahmed_Badawi

Please don’t share your personal details on a public forum. It is not recommended.

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I want help please communicate

Which of the parts do you need help with ?

Creating a custom app or creating a copy of the report into the app ?

Help for creating custom app :