Report Doctype Permission

Role Permission Manager has no effect on report doctype. It doesn’t matter if a user has access to a particular report or not or a particular doctype or not, he/she is able to see list of all reports ( and the underline query and everything else ). He/She is not able to run the report but being able to see the list of available reports and more even more the queries and details of those reports is not good in my opinion.

Anyone else with similar issue ?


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Same here

If there is a Read permission to the Role named All for DocType Report, then try removing it and then it should be okay.

Thanks for the reply @root13F. Will try that. But should I not in that case remove the “All” role altogether from the Role Permission manager for Report doctype. From “All” role type I understand that its for all the user in the system or is it something else ?

I think it is for all the System users.

Yes thought so. Thanks a lot @root13F

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However, the user may still be able to search and see a Report List and Report Report, but on opening will get the Insufficient permissions error.