Report entries are not showing

i have created custom field in attendance doctype.
i hv also created script report on attendance docype which is covering my custom fields.
if I’m creating attendance manually one by one… my entries are showing in report…
and i included my custom fields in upload attendance template by coding.
but if i use upload attendance to upload bulk data, my entries are not showing in report.

how i can solve dis error? can any1 help me to solve dis pls?

Why? Simply import a blank template of attendance with all fields (default + Custom fields). Add your data to it and upload. It will create your attendance records with along with custom fields.and if it is available in records you can access it in a report.

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Thank you @Sangram

I have created Module Called OverTime, in there we have created Custom Fields which falls under Attendance Doctype. and also added in fixtures in

Now Attendance Doctype Looks like this,

Now we have created a New Report Like Monthly Attendance Report Sheet.
While show Per day OT Hours Total Month OT Hours.
Its works good for me.

But the Problems is when we are importing attendance and Custome fields data using “Upload attendance Tools” Attendance is marked but still that Attendance entries are not Submitted, its status is Still Not Saved and Button Called Update.

what is problems with custom fields ??

can you please suggest me.

github Links :-