Report for items that need to be purchased

Hello! I am trying to convince my boss that we need an EPR system and this one seems to work for what we need. I am not all to familiar with HTML or MySQL, so the customization will be a bit tricky. I got up to the point where I need to submit material for transfer to manufacturing and this is where I am stuck. I have some items in inventory, just not enough to fulfil my requirement and some I have none. I need to find a report that I can print that show me what I need to purchase to fulfil this customers order. We are a manufacturer and 75% of the items we use for each trainer we mfg needs to be ordered, so this will help tremendously. This seems to be a topic already. Reports: Pending items Needed for Purchase, however this post is nothing but code for a custom report. Thank you for any help in advance. Rene’

Hi Rene

Im afraid I can’t really help with your requirement but the report you are seeking seems so obvious in its nature I feel it must be already present in ERPNext somewhere.

Therefore I would doubt you need a custom report at this point.

Keep looking around the system as sometimes some aspects are a bit buried I’m sure it’s there somewhere.

Good luck

Hey there ! Please check Requested Items To Be Ordered report. But the catch is that Material Requests should have been made for purpose Purchase.