[Report] GST reports as per filing requirements

There are 2 ways to book expense. Purchase Invoice (for stocked inventory) & Journal Voucher (non stocked items/services).

In the current GST Purchse Register we see the purchase invoices but what about those JVs?
We require the list of expenses where we have paid GST as per the respective GST head as charged by the vendor. We require that for one of the GSTR filings where we show all expense/purchase invoices for tax credit.

Hi @dhav_d

You can also create the purchase invoice entry for the service/non stock items.

What will be the columns for this report? You don’t required column like supplier, supplier bill no in the report? Did you checked General Ledger report? Maybe General Ledger report will resolve your issue

Hi @rohit_w

You need to provide an “item” in a purchase invoice.

Assume we are uploading expense bill for Air Conditioning Repairs for Rs. 10,000 + Rs. 900 (9% CGST) + Rs. 900 (9% SGST)

This needs to be uploaded in GSTR-1/2/3 (can’t recall) - where details of service provider needs to be uploaded for which the business has claimed the paid tax (900+900) with GSTN details.

It needs to be exact same as GST Purchase Register

Need to see tax details like cgst+sgst / igst like the purchase register. General ledger only gives value of one account item (SGST or CGST or IGST)

@FinForce please provide some input.

in tally they have a direct reports for GSTR-1, GSTR-2 and GSTR-3.

the GSTR-2 which shows details of tax credit to be claimed shows purchase receipts and expense entries(services).

I think we should start showing reports as per filing requirements GSTR-1/2/3.

I guess all Indian users/customers would appreciate this.

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