Report Level Security

How can we configure report level security (For eg. in Sales Order, if we need to show only few reports to certain users in Sales Department, how to do that)?


The best answer to the question is:
Step 1: Create a new doctype under Sales Module. This module will be used only to take reference, no further use.
Step 2: Then give rights of that doctype to certain users.
Step 3: Open the report from “Report List” and under the reference, select the newly created doctype.

Ruchin Sharma

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Thank you very much Ruchin.

The reference report type is “Report builder”. We could not find the field
to select “Doctype”. Could you please advise further!

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I hope this will solve your query.

Ruchin Sharma

Thank you @ruchin78. I got it.

Please also let me know which software do you use to show marking on image :slight_smile:

Hi @Deven_Shah
Its Snagit.

Ruchin Sharma