Report limitation

Hi, Can I know how many estimated data can be generated on every reports? As I experienced some lag or problem during process of population data. Can we add something like pagination inside erpnext built in report? Thank you

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  1. Which report are you experiencing lag on?

  2. Is it a custom report or default report available out of ERPNext?

  3. If it is a default ERPNext report, are you willing to share your database for debugging?

Sorry for the late reply,

Its happening on every report that populating many data. For eg, General Ledger, stock ageing and etc. This situation happens after I uploading 18000 item on ERPNext using Data import tool. I assume I might need to find the best tuning for my ERPNext. So, my next question, what is “the best tuning” that I need to do to my server?

You could have a look at your innodb_buffer_pool_size. An optimal value will help much of the reqd database to stay in RAM and reduce disk i/o.

Does your CPU take a hit everytime you open a report (Like all cores at 100% and ERPNext slowed down) ? It is possible that disk i/o is slowing it down, because reports got to make temporary tables, and when they exceed a limit they will be transferred to disk which cause these issues. One possible solution to this problem is to setup the tmpdir in RAM itself. But I’ve got no standard sources on this.

Thanks @root13F for your suggestion will try ASAP.

Well this might need some experiments rite? If you have some recommendation please post it here so it can help others. Thank you.

thsi RAMDisk experiment is useful for servers with HDDs but I think servers with SSDs should be able to do better, but I don’t know much about hardware

Noted with thanks.