Report Registration with branch

how to make Report view registration branch wise.

You’ll need to make a query or script report depending on the complexity.

@root13F, thanks. But sometime we have to give other branch report access and sometime we have to remove some branch report. at that time we can’t change code again and again.

You mean to say that you want Branch A to see only Branch A data and not branch B data ? Well then user permissions will help. Also, reports have Apply User Permissions option. Please try that and login from a Branch A user’s ID to confirm the exclusion.

@root13F, my scenario is that, we have three regional office(region A, region B, region C). under region there are four branch each. So, Regional Manager want to see salary report of his under that is four branch, but sometime Regional Manager A want to see others branch salary report which is not under his regional for few month not all branch. And sometime we have to remove that other branch report. And some employee like Director want to see all employee salary report. So, if there is same like branch access.

No problem. A certain Regional Manager who supervises Branch A and C - should be allotted User Permissions accordingly - i.e. allow both B and C and similarly.

@root13F, i have to add one by one employee to user permission?.

You don’t add employee to User Permission. You create one permission rule for that user. Like this:

@root13F, i think this is for only transaction, not for Report? if i am not mistaken. i want for report registration in branch wise.

Yes the same will be reflected in report too. You can test the same using the IDs of the concerned users.