Report result in REST API

Can we get response of a report (query report/script report/report builder) by using REST API?

Can this be done?

Possible now?

In, add @frappe.whitelist() above execute method.

And then try by calling the below endpoint by passing filters like start_date & end_date: http://your_domain/api/method/


  1. Not sure if we can use @frappe.whitelist() as it turns on the guest access.
  2. I didn’t try on this instead created another file in some custom module (my_custom_module) and imported this execute method in that file and then made a call something like below.

In get_stock_balance method, I’ve made a call to actual execute method.

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  1. Not sure if we can use @frappe.whitelist() as it turns on the guest access.

It doesn’t unless you set allow_guest to true.

You can use this: frappe/frappe/desk/ at fe82487c15d15ceae4db2813a5749a84456b8d86 · frappe/frappe · GitHub

This isn’t officially part of “REST API” but it’s unlikely to break in near future. IMO this should be part of API, can you create a feature request on github?

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Hi all. I found a way to do it by watching the payloads when opening a report in the browser. The URL to use is:


Hi I am trying to fetch data from Account Receivables Summary report using postman.

I am getting output as follows:

“message”: {
“prepared_report”: true,
“doc”: null,
“add_total_row”: true

I want to fetch actual data of the report.

Hi, did you ever find a way to fetch “result”? I am running into the same problem with Stock Balance now. It only returns { "message": { "prepared_report": true, "doc": null, "add_total_row": true } }.

please pass parameter ignore_prepared_report=True to the method



@szufisher that worked! Thanks so much. For those wondering, it should look like this (per the example from @archais), with &ignore_prepared_report=True at the end:



I’m able to pull the report. Thanks a lot!! But filtering is not working

Can you provide an actual example? I’m unable to figure out the syntax for filtering

I tired-
https:// SITE NAME /api/method/{“Posting_Date”:“2023-03-01”}&ignore_prepared_report=True

I’m getting the full report. Filtering Didnt work!!


Normally the filter field name is in lower case,eg posting_date, for details check the report filter definition js file.

Here is an example:

/method/{"tree_type":"Territory","doc_type":"Sales Invoice","value_quantity":"Value","from_date":"2022-01-01","to_date":"2022-12-31","company":"RANDOM COMPANY","range":"Monthly"}

Let me know if this helps!

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Apparently the ignore_prepared_report parameter didn’t get included! See here:

/method/{"tree_type":"Territory","doc_type":"Sales Invoice","value_quantity":"Value","from_date":"2022-01-01","to_date":"2022-12-31","company":"RANDOM COMPANY","range":"Monthly"}&ignore_prepared_report=True
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