Report Suggestion Needed for a Report with Delivery Note detail and some fields from item


I am looking to make a report from delivery note details with the following columns:
  1. DN ID
  2. Item Code
  3. Item Description
  4. Qty
  5. Rate
  6. CTSH No (It is a custom field in Item)
  7. Item Weight (It is a custom field in Item)
  8. Item RM Cost (It is a custom field in Item)
Basically this report is needed for us to calculate our profitability now I have 2 options and I would list them as below:
  1. First option is to make a combined report with Delivery Note, Delivery Note Detail and Item table and fetch the columns from Item table based on item code in DN detail table.
  2. The other option is that I create 3 new custom fields in DN detail table and fetch these values when we are making a DN which would make the database filled with redundant data.
The first option is the preferred option but the problem is I don’t know how to make such report and neither can I find a report which has these fields so that I could modify the same.