Report to see Items having qty below safety stock

I try to find report mentioning items having quantity below safety stock.
The client do not want to enable auto reordering, they just wants to see the report (they want to have more control on the material request creation, like mentioning User Name and Deparrtment , doc.status, the time of creation/ they sometime need to create the request immediately after the stock down below safety stock not the next day)

I try to simulate the situation, setting the safety stock below the actual qty.
Anybody knows what is the report to see the items having low qty in stock ?

I have try Item Shortage Report but it says ‘Nothing to show’.
When I check this report, I notice it check for projected qty. It is not the one to see ?

I realize I can create a simple query report to do this ( maybe duplicating item shortage report and modify a bit in the sql ), but is there something that already build for it ?

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Hi Aditya,

Did you find a solution to this use case, I have been looking for the same but havent found anything useful as yet?

Any suggestions, anybody?


Hi Amit Sharma,

At the time I just made a simple query report to see item < safety stock, but I think my question not valid since safety stock is not what I thought it was. Its just a qty to be added when we order an Item ( base on some calculation I think).

It should be “Item below reorder level” since reorder level is the qty level where we will order an item.

I am looking for a way to set this reorder level and get a notification without automatic creation of item request but have not find yet.

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hello team…

i too have the same requirement …Did you find a solution to this use case, I have been looking for the same but haven’t found anything useful as yet?

please tell me if you find a way for it

Thanks and Regards

I end up creating a report and will put in auto mail report for daily check .
It will includes

  • all item (filtered : not disabled, is stock item, not variant item and still above its end of life )
  • all item that has reorder level set, even if not active yet ( not exists in bin table and set projected and reorder level = 0 if does not have one )
    all that item with projected_qty < = reorder_level

Try Projected Stock Qty report.

Thanks TurkerTunali,

its very similar to what I need. I will use it and make 1 other simple report to show items that never been used. (my customer request). much more cleaner compare to my own.


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I need to see items having projected qty below reorder level so I create a custom ‘Check’ filter (js file) , i do
“label”: __(“Shortage Only”),
“fieldtype”: “Check”,
“default”: 1,
on_change: function(query_report){
query_report.set_filter_value(‘shortage_qty’, “>0”);

so far no success

Can I access (read value) this from python file or should be in js file ?

Pls advice .
thanks and regards

You can access filters in python.

I have successfully done it
Finally I can notify users when items need to be reorder without creating auto material request.

Thanks and Regards.

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Hi dear , can you share how you make it , i need to add it to my Erpnext V14 , Regards