Report View Bug

When we report the view with doctype having two child table the no of lines in the report view is multiplied by no rows of two-child tables.

Use Case: I have created an expense claim with 12 rows (Expense Claim Details) and added 12 rows into my expense taxes and charges.

Now when I see the report view for the same expense claim via adding these two columns then it shows 144 rows into my report.

Can anyone suggest any other way to create a report with 12 lines only for this case?

Not really a bug, but that’s how it works.

You can write custom scripts reports to get the report according to your needs.

I don’t think it is a correct way of showing the report as most of the transaction screen with more than 2 child table will always give an incorrect report. And writing custom report for each screen is not a solution if we can see the report from report builder.