Report View - Item Code column & Item Name column

When both Item Code and Item Name columns are present in the Report View, then the Item Code column shows the actual item code & the name of the Item.

Thus showing the Item Name in 2 columns.

When removing the Item Name column, the information displayed in the Item Code column is reduced to only the item code.

Is this intentional?

The result is or double display of the item name, or no display of the item name.

The ID field shows both Name and Code and not the Item Code field.

The ID field is reduced to only name, however the Item Code column will still show you the code of the item.

check the below screenshots for more clarity:

  1. With Item Name, check the ID column,

  1. Without the Item Name, check the ID column,

NOTE: The Item Code in both the screenshots shows the item’s code and remain unaffected.

Hope this helps.

Well yes, exactly, so it shows 2 times the name if you have ID and Item Name column…

Why does the ID column gets updated with the Item Name when you have a separate column for the Item Name?