Report View: Links showing ID, not name field

Hi all,

I try to view a report for a doctype that has link fields. For the linked doctypes I have set a title field.
In link fields and in the list view, the title field (instead of the ID) is shown as expected.

However, in the report, I only get the IDs instead of the title.

Any idea how to change that?


Hi @doca:

I think this the standard behavior … It would be a good feature request.

As a workaround, easier (or faster) way to do it is adding a hidden field to your doctype, fetching the field used as title from your linked doctype. Then will be usable on reports directly (use “Add column” on your report builder).


Hope this helps.


Thank you for your reply.
I think there should be at least an option to show the title instead of the ID, or this should even be the default behaviour.
My programming skills are not that good. Hopefully, somebody solves this.