Reportees field level configuration

I am facing one problem, I am explaining my requirements and the issue in detail here for more clarity.

My Requirement:

  • I have 2 personas as Employee and Manager
  • For the employee doctype,
  • the Employee should have permission to view/edit ONLY his data
  • the Manager should have permission to view/edit his data + access his reportees data with some field restrictions (eg: Employee’s Pancard No should not be visible to the manager).

My Solution:

  • Employee req: It’s working by default
  • Manager req: Accessing reportees data could be done by using ‘ReportsTo’ field and restriction in the field can be done by field level permission using perm level


  • Accessing reportees data is achievable. but, when I restrict a field of the reportee (eg:pancard no) using perm level, it’s impacting even my data and not able to see my pancard no.

Hope you understood my issue. Can you pls help me to resolve this issue? Thanks.