Reporting/BI Tool with Cloud hosted

Has anyone used a third party Reporting or BI tool to create custom report outputs, dashboards, etc from a cloud hosted ERPNext system?

We have some rather complex reporting requirements and this would be an easy way to create them.

I mean if I had a local server with the mySQL database I could just use an ODBC connector to link to the data tables but what’s the method to do this with hosted?


Hi Liam,
We haven’t implemented any external BI tool with ERPNext for reports and Dashboards yet. But we have expertise to integrate Pentaho with ERPNext. If you need any help then our team might help you in development. Also same can be made available to public on github.

Thanks @kanhaiya,

So it’s safe to say if we want to use our own external BI/Reporting tool with ERPNext we should host it on our local server - as we can then link to the mySQL database with an ODBC driver?


Yes you are right Liam.