Reports not visible in installed app

We are developing reports in one app and cannot see the reports showing Frappe/ERPNext. Using bench frappe --sync_all seems to work for migrating DocTypes but not the reports. Are there specific steps including role permissions to see the reports or changed columns of reports?

Have you created your reports as Standard? If they are in your app, they will be installed automatically.

Sorry, for not replying earlier. This is still a problem.
I just noticed that when I added some additional fields to a doctype in my other “app/site” and then execute the command “frappe --sync_all” that the fields are not showing up in my production site. What I don’t understand is that this is how I got this schema/app migrated to my main site in the beginning. Is --sync_all the right command or is there something else I should be doing?

This is a serious issue. I am unable to upgrade my Production application with changes from my development app (i.e. adding new fields to a DocType or created reports). My app is integrated or installed into an ErpNext site/app. I needed to also add custom fields to the ErpNext Customer. --sync_all used to work but it is not working now.

Just a wild guess, have you exported your reports fixture?

Sorry, not sure what “reports fixture” is or how to export them.

In this case I have standard reports associated with my app that are not being exported.


If its a standard report and you have developer_mode set, it should create a folder with the report dump.