Repost Item Valuation not reposting Correctly. Have different value in Form Vs Accounting Ledger

Hi Guys,
I think this is a bug as of the Repost Item Valuation not Re-Calculating all the row in this transaction.

I made a Stock Entry type repack before like this one:

This Entry have 10K difference and we understand that this difference will deduct (if minus) Inventory and debit side Stock Adjustment as follow:

We want to change the valuation with repost item valuation for this entry, and do it with this steps:

  1. I change the Valuation Rate in Item master for Item number FSC-00004 and FSC-00005 into 436.000
  2. I add new and start reposting of Item Valuation exactly for this Voucher like this one

We hope that the stock adjustment should be 0, same as the Total Value Difference column as of Incoming is 10 times 436.000 times 2 items minus outgoing is 10 times 872.000.

In the Stock Entry view (UI Form View) we got the correct view as the Total Value Difference is 0, but if we go to Accounting Ledger we can view that stock adjustment is still created.

As further review in the Stock Ledger, we found out that item FSC-00004 in the stock Ledger still have the old value of 435.500, but the item FSC-00005 already have the updated value of 436.000. So of course the accounting ledger will follow and create a 5.000 GL into Stock Adjustment. But it seems a bit silly as the UI already shows 0 Differences but the Ledger still have Stock Adjustment entry


Is this really a bug or there is some steps missing? Thanks before Guys!