'represents_company' field playing havoc with customer and supplier doctypes

Hi all,

Its a relatively new feature in ERPNext to have the ability for inter-company transfers.

The feature adds a few new fields, one of which is ‘represents_company’ which by default is set to ‘Mandatory’. This field will show on the Customer Form when the field ‘is_internal_customer’ field is checked.

What I’m finding is that if (is_internal_customer) its left ‘unchecked’, the field (represents_company) is still required which is basically preventing any updates to Customer or Supplier doctypes.

Was the original design intention for it to be set to a Company by default? I would have thought not as it’s mandatory nature should be set by the checkbox ‘is_internal_customer’.

@tukutela, Extremely sorry about the issue. We have fixed it.

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