Request for comments on Google Contacts integration

Hello all,

We are considering the following steps in the development of the google contacts integration:

  1. Upload a new contact information to a gmail account according to profile visibility of user role. We have a Contact DocType that has different levels of access, from level 0 to level 6 and different information associated with each level. For more details please check our repository. The Contact DocType was built according to contact information present at a google account. So we have single attributes like ‘nickname’, one to many attributes like ‘phones’ and for our own organization use, we have custom fields that we intent to synch according to profile visibility level;
  2. Upload an added contact list to a gmail account according to profile after a specific date;
  3. Download available contact info from Gmail account;
  4. Download a list of contacts from gmail acount that were added after a specific date;
  5. Manage the update of existing contacts in ERP and in google accounts according to the visibility of info;

Deleted contacts management:
6. Build list of deleted contacts in gmail and in the ERP and wait for authorized verification;
7. Delete a contact on the gmail account upon confirmation using SMS code or e-mailed code from the system;
8. Delete a contact on the ERP that has been deleted in google contacts upon confirmation;

Final step integrating all developments:
9. Automate process for sync all the different accounts according to information visible to it’s associated role.

We will make available each functionality step by step for testing after development at our repository. We will base our developments on the google contacts API V3.

Please comment,

Thanks in advance.