Request for Full Frappe/ERPNext Integration with MedusaJS

I am reaching out to request a full integration of Frappe with the headless e-commerce platform MedusaJS. As a user of ERPNext, I believe that integrating Frappe with MedusaJS would greatly enhance the capabilities of ERPNext in handling e-commerce functionalities.

MedusaJS is known for its robust headless e-commerce features, and integrating it with Frappe would provide ERPNext users with a seamless solution for managing their e-commerce operations. This integration could include features such as syncing product catalogs, orders, customer data, and more between ERPNext and MedusaJS.

I believe that this integration would not only benefit current users of ERPNext but also attract new users who are looking for a comprehensive e-commerce solution. I am confident that FRAPE’s expertise in developing ERPNext can be leveraged to create a powerful integration with MedusaJS.

I would appreciate it if you could consider this request and provide any updates on the possibility of integrating Frappe with MedusaJS.