Request for manufacturing report similar attached


I’m newbie in ERPnext but may i Know if someone can help me make this similar report and how much will it cost me?

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thank you for you quick response. as introduction. this manufacturing is making plastic cellophanes. all equipments are not computer controlled. from extruder, printing, die-cut, and bagging.

operation is 24 hrs, as reference we will make a report Aug 4 2018 as stated on the date

shift reference: am shift (0600H-1759H)
pm shift (1800H-0559H)

PO BALANCE means total production requirements of all sales order items (being produced on the floor or sales order items not yet delivered)

ex sales order 00x from client 1 item/product 1 - 2,000,000 pcs
client 1 item/product 2 - 1,500,000 pcs
sales order 00x from client 2 items/product 5 - 800,000 pcs
sales order 00x from client 3 items/product 6 - 2,500,000 pcs

total number of pcs of products ( 6,800,000 pcs) as of reporting date and time.

PACKING OUTPUT (finished goods of the shift) from 0601HRS aug 03 to 0600H aug 04

MONTH TO DATE BALANCE (total items product beginning am shift last day of the month July 31 - until query date pm shift (1800H(Aug3)-0600H (aug 4))

variance montioring part

DATE date of previous day

SIZE = length defined in specific item
thickness = height defined in specific item
KILOS = produced by machine on 0600H previous day until 0600H on the day

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