Request for Quotation - Add Supplier Account No


So when you are a dealer and you register with a distributor, you are given an account number and you are expected to furnish this account number on your RFQ or your Purchase Order.

With a Purchase Orders it’s easy enough to do, you just add a custom field. But I am struggling with doing the same with an RFQ that I send out to multiple suppliers via ERPNext.

How do I ensure that they not only see my company name but my account number also?

@rohit_w can you please check?

Hi @Johannes_Maepa,

Try to add custom field in Request for Quotation Supplier doctype and check.

Thanks, Rohit

I did yet it doesn’t appear on the RFQ. I maybe it’s because it’s a table or dynamic link. Not exactly sure.
I added the info I need in the Supplier Details field on the Supplier master and I created a custom script to pull it into the RFQ Supplier doctype yet it still doesn’t appear