Request for Quote

Please clarify
Does request for quote send a link to user ?
I found once the user reset password using the link he was able to see all RFQ which was not meant for them

Do I need to make any correction in setting so that vendor only see the RFQ sent

My supplier are becoming system users on sending RFQ from ERP

How can I stop this they get access to all RFQ sent by system including the once not issued to them

I think If they are website users only then they will get RFQ and quotes pertaining to their company,but how do I fix this problem?

Yes when you clicks on send supplier emails system checks the user has exist in the system if not them it creates the website user and then sends the update password link. Once user update the password he can able to see his RFQ

We’ll fix this issue soon, user can see all the RFQ but can only edit which has been created against them

I have one testsupplier who is marked as website user this user gets only rfq and submit quote for rfq plus a project link in menu.
I believe the supplier should get different links for each rfq and should answer only that

Also The Address editing interface should have onetime GSTIN update filed

hello Deepakk
Same senario in my case i have create a supplier link with user having role only supplier …admin can create RFQ and submit it …click on send supplier email button mail going to supplier supplier login with his mail and within that mail one link is available submit quotation click on that link one login window is open .then supplier login with his credntials then another window is open in left hand side 4 options are there user click on Request For Quotation
but when he click then getting error
The resource you are looking for is not available

why this happen can u please help me for the same