"Request for raw materials" from SO, v12.4.2

Hello group, hi @0Pranav and @rohit_w

I just updated from v12.3.0 to v12.4.2. Previously, when “Request for raw materials” was made from SO, the “Items for Raw Material Request” included the Parent Item and the possibility to select the proper BOM to “Include Exploded Items”… precisely the raw materials.


Wasn’t necessary to use the Manufacturing module to create a Production Plan and then request exploded items for Parent items.

Now, at SO when use Create:

  1. “Material Request” include Parent items and Bundle items. Cannot request any raw material.
  2. “Request for Raw Materials” include only Bundle Items… that may not be necessarily raw materials.

If the company was setup as “Retail” domain, Manufacturing module wasn’t necessary.

Could you please reconsider to revert fix #20216?

Hi again,

Hope you’re doing well. I made more tests about this just to understand why I didn’t get any comments. And again I guess wasn’t considered service type companies, that not necessarily manufacture to do a service.

For example, think about a cellphone repair, it’s a service, it does not Maintain Stock, and may not need Product Bundle, because it won’t deliver anything and maybe require a service from another supplier, before the company does the final service.

After the fix, it can only be requested raw materials for items that maintain stock or have product bundles, what about service items?

BOMs aren’t useful not only to request raw material or manufacturing, but to also plan costs.