Request for tutorial for Schools

Please upload a tutorial video showing how to work with schools. I am a bit confused because the module looks like it is more suitable to manage a college and not a school where there are classes and sections. Secondly, please show how to move students in one class to next class on yearly basis.

Slightly old / maybe some of the features are outdated, but you will get better idea if you see this video.

And Checkout Users Manual: Update: Known as Education module now part of ERPNext core

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@Kumar_Akshay we are currently working with a school too.

Program → Standard (like Std 1 etc)

@UmaG can you help?


Hello, I am also in the process of working for a school in Bangalore. Though the school is quite small and has only 1 section each for all the classes, the ERPNext Module seems to be a good solution for them.

It has the Courses, Programs, Examinations, TimeTable, Instructors and all the basic things that are required.

The course codes can be used for filling up the subjects and these course codes can be mapped to the Program Codes. The Program Codes can be used for the Classes.

For moving students from one class to the next, there is a tool called Program Enrollment Tool under the School - > Admissions. This can be used for moving them to the next grade.


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When can we expect Examinations, TimeTable etc in Erpnext Schools?


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Hello @ninjas005

Can you please explain in details what you need?