Request timeout error While loading Form Data

I’m working with frappe framework when I’m loading data on form then it gives me time out error what should we do

Hi @tejalkumbhar:

Are you uploading any heavy content (attached file, images, etc …)?
Timeout setting could be incremented but is pretty strange with regular data …

we are using frappe.new_doc method to create multiple documnets at a single click , at a time about 1000 documents suppose to created automatically dusring this process i got this error , it shows 504 error code

Hi @tejalkumbhar

You can change timeout setting, this way:
Use this:

bench config http_timeout <value_in_seconds>
example: bench config http_timeout 6000

And finally this:

bench setup supervisor
bench setup nginx
supervisorctl reload
service nginx reload

Anyway … maybe you should redesign your insert data process using bulk_insert

Hope this helps.