Request to Modify mandatory "Invalid GST Category" warning in Address

Currently, we are facing an issue regarding the mandatory requirement of the GST Category in the sales quotation process.

While saving a customer’s address, a warning is displayed insisting that the “GST Category should be one of Overseas or Unregistered” if the GST number is not available. However, in the case of sales enquiries, customers do not always provide their GST number. As a result, we are forced to save the “address” as “Unregistered” even if the customer falls under the regular GST category. This leads to confusion and potential GST-related issues when creating sales orders or sales invoices based on these quotations.

To address this concern, I suggest that GST numbers should not be mandatory while saving a new address under the “Registered Regular” category. However, during the sales order and sales invoice creation stages, it should be mandatory to include the GST Number in the address if it falls under the “Registered Regular” category or any other category where GST number compliance is required.

By implementing this modification, we can ensure accurate and compliant handling of GST requirements while avoiding potential errors and complications in the sales order and sales invoice processes.

Thank you for considering this request. I believe that implementing these changes will streamline our processes and enhance overall efficiency.