Requesting creation of a discussion category: brazilian translation

Hi there. I’d like to have a category where all pt-BR translators could join efforts together. Is it possible?

@Daniel_Dutra talvez, esse seja um ponto a se discutir com @rmehta! Referente as novas fases de contribuições, talvez possamos criar mini-comunidades, dentro do proprio discuss, para facilitar a busca por conteúdo em idioma nativo.

@rmehta, due your post about the next phase on contributions, did you dont think that, a segmentation by language, in Discuss, will be great for everyone?

Some times, I can see that the product is only being tested in English, but some things are missed in other languages!

That’s one of the points that turn hard to convince a non-english speaker to join the community and share more the product cross the world.

I also think that subforums, dedicated to specific countries might be useful. All the questions, related to translation terms, localization and so on can be discussed there.

pt-BR: No caso das traduções, a outra opção que vejo é a existência de um campo para explicação de cada item traduzido, para entender porque o tradutor escolheu determinada tradução ou estilo. Não há, na ferramenta atual, um manual de estilo, onde os voluntários podem compreender como a tradução está sendo realizada.

en: In case of translations, I think it would be even better if all terms had a “justification” field, where the translator could explain why he/she did it the way it was done, and what translation style it’s being used. There is no style reference manual for each translation, where any volunteer could first understand how to do the work.