Requesting some advise for behind-firewall install


I am trying to install ERPNExt at my day-job where I want to use the Education module.

The network structure is somewhat complex and unfortunately I cannot describe it because
I do not have that info.

The installation method I use is by had …

I have asked th IT dept to load a 18.04 Ubuntu server on their hypervisor plarform and tried
the install. But it fails at a few places. It all seems to be related to mirror sites not been
accessable. Possibly certificate validation failures.

If I look at my install procedure many of the instructions are “apt install” or a script file
that runs an clearly fetching files from the repocitory somewhere.

Is it not possible to copy all files onto the server via ssh-access on the backend so that the install porcess does not actually tries to connect to external servers ?

Or if someone perhaps have a suggestion. I am trying to get them to use ERPNext but running
it on a VPS is not an option for them. For me it would because that is known territory for me.

Oh, ome more thing … the procedure itself still works well because I quickly created another
server on my DIgital Ocean platform. Install went well. No such problems as I had with the
internal server in their server-room.


You still haven’t told what errors you are getting while installing ???.

if the installation process works on VPS… it should also work on the bare metal or Hypervisor …

Better try ubuntu 20.04 and requirement for python version is at least 3.8 or more for latest version of ERPNext.

Off the bat … Not sure of your error but if it is mirror sites… then that most probably would be Mariadb … you need to go to their site and get the latest mirrors for your installation.

Hi @centaur

Thank you for your response.

Yes , I realise I did not put error-detail. I did not screen-shot it. Hence my rather vague
remark about it been related to mirror-sites not accesible. I shall try again over the weekend
and capture the errors. In the meantime, I had a discussion with the one IT guy and he suggested an “Offline-install”. All of the installs I have done was on VPS with no
problem with access to any site. Hence my question , because if I look at the procedure …
many of the install command is “apt install”.

One of the problem points was indeed Mariadb. For mariadb I use this link…

One thing that I did find while googling, is containrised deployment using Docker.
But I have NEVER used docker so I am not sure. I dont know if my thought are correct, but
it sounds like if I give a docker-image that contains ERPNExt, then the IT dept can deploy
this on the server and it should work ???

you can also download the OVA image found here: This will give you a quick start and you can update/modify as required.

Hi @flexy2ky

Wasn’t OVA dropped in favor of Docker for installations ???

@johnlongland … yes Frappe-Docker is an option to go …Of course it not for the faint of heart … but if you do run into issues… forum is place to look

Good day @centaur and @flexy2ky

Thank you for taking the time !

Since I did my previous post, I did some googling about Docker, and you are right ! Its not
for the faint-hearted !! I would love to learn about docker and kubernettes clusters, ultimately.
However, for this particular instance, time is of the essence . I am trying to get ERPNExt in
via the “backdoor” so to say by just using the Education module. Then I am hoping someone
will start asking questions about the rest of ERPNext.

And to do another manual install is going to be a waste of time. There clearly is something
in the network that is tripping me up. Spoke to someone else who also had
“cert-issues” when on that network and at his home … no problem ( with other software … not ERPNExt)

that is why I am looking at another way to install.

I did try and download an OVA image but got a bunch of virus warnings and “malicious software” warnings.

I shall look at both the OVA and docker option. If OVA can get me going quicker , I shall try that. But ultimately I am going to look at docker and kubernettes clusters. I grew up with
MS-Dos and Windos 3-1 so it may take me a bit longer than others. But I shall bug everyone
on this list with questions until I get it !!!