Required Help to update to latest version - v11.1.18

We have received a notification for the latest version update. but we couldn’t find out, how we can upgrade to latest version by command line. And found that --upgrade has been removed. we are on v11.1.14 (master).

Kindly help.

Hi @ashinkk,

assuming you are installed erpnext on your premises, go to your bench folder and use the command bench update.

do this solve for both ERPNext & Frappe Framework.?

it will update your system into the latest version. currently 11.1.18…

now im on /home/frappe/.bench . tried with command “bench update” . the result is “You should not run this command as root”

How to resolve this ?
Kindly help.


login as your frappe user… as it says, do not run the command as a root user… assuming you have the user called ‘bench’… so login from terminal using sudo su - bench … then go to the folder /home/frappe/bench … then use the command bench update …