Required HR Features for Middle East

Dear Gents
in middle East there is standard for absence deduction not like rest of the world,
let assume there an Employee and his salary 3000 $per month and he have one day absence in February, in Middle East, we have a standard working number and it is 30 days, so we dividing his salary on 30 regardless number of month days, and his net salary will be 2900$
i suggest adding a checkbox in HR setting for fixed working days number and another column to add the number of working days manually
secondly, for hours deduction I suggest adding a number of working hours
Thirdly, in salary structure, we have to provide checkbox for each earning type to identify if it is including in deduction calculation, more further, in Saudi when Employee absent for two days the rule says the deduction must be from Basic Salary and Transportation Allowance only, the Housing allowance out of this calculation method
in salary
fourthly, in Salary Slip we have to show up Deductions Details, which meaning keep earning types as it and show the deductions details in deductions side
check this URL to see how the required salary slip in Saudi Arabia based on clients needs . Screenshot by Lightshot
cause of this problem 3 clients rejected me although they are so happy with rest modules
kindly check this important features
feel free to contact me for further info


Please open an issue on github with this request

Thank you @tundebabzy
kindly explain to me what the purpose of this forum

Forum - discussions, proposals, trouble shooting issues, questions

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