Required "Income Statement"

The company (Accounting Department) which i work in it need Report existing in Sage 50 accounting System called “Income Statement” .
Are the report available

omein Erpnext or there like it?

Please see Attachment to see the report.

Please advise me .
Thank you

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Hi Ahmed,

This looks very similar to Profit and Loss Statement in ERPNext. Upon which additional filters can be applied and the report that you’ve shown above can be generated.
However, As far as I know Statement of Income is a consolidated financial statement that is currently not available out of the box in ERPNext
Check out the PNL report in ERPNext and let us know if it is what you’re looking for.


Thank You on your reply rushikesherp.

The Report which we need it same "Profit and Loss Statment "
but it is different in filters .
We want a filter or more give us results from First Day of Current Period up to Selected Date using a filter and same thing for last year of Current Period.