Requirement : Customisation of ERPNext for Real Estate


We’re updating our ERP and are keen to use ERPNext as our platform, unfortunately owing to the complexities of real estate and construction ERPNext cannot be used out of the box.

We’re looking for someone proactive to help us in customising ERPnext for our business.


Hi @salmandaw

You will get help from the service provider

@salmandaw are you still looking to build out a system for real estate? We can help you build one if you are ready to be a beta customer.


@salmandaw, @rmehta I have a customer who would also be interested in real estate features. I his case this would be creating exposés. These are kind of quotations with pictures and decriptions of estates. Also real estate management as in reading meters and handling the accounting costs for building. Let me know, how I can help!

If I volunteered to beta test this, is there an associated cost?

Hi @Obinna_Ukwueze

Trust you’re doing great. Yes, the cost of subscription on the ERPNext cloud


Ok, Thanks. I’ve been using the open source version.

Hi @wale @rmehta,

I would be ready to be a Beta customer for this if you are still looking. I have just started the trial for ERPNext, but so far it doesn’t seem to meet my requirements on the accounting side for Property Management.

Best Regards,


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hello Salman,
Have you found solid real estate module to support you out?

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I would also like to know.