Requisition form

Hello Team,
I have observed that every purchase you want to make requires a purchase order and then invoice and all that process. There are also tome where little things are bought from non registered vendors and this may not require all those processes as captured in the Erpnext.

I suggest that a “requisition form” be embedded as a doctype where staffers can raise for purchase of little items like Tissue papers, single audio cable for a quick seminar that requires audio facility, and the likes that falls in in such categories.
The Requisition form should have fields like serial num, item name, description, purpose, Amount.
It should be in table form where rows can be added for more items if its more than one item.

At the end of the form, it should have name of person who raised it, dept, and an approver.

Inorder not to make a mess of the major item table where structured purchases and sakes are picked from, a separate item buffer be created which may be called “Requisition Item” where requisition items are created as the items are captured on the form.

Have you tried

Thanks for the response.

I have used material request but not as applied to requisition.

Well, i would try using it as a test for such purpose and see how it could be used.

But wouldnt it mess up items table because of the nature of the items requested for, they may not be stable items used every now and then, so one might have so many lists of items in stock.

Thank you for the guide too

@absmachin the material request should work very well in the scenario.
As for the cluttering of items tables and reports, I think you can filter according to item group
@rmehta However filters don’t work hierarchically which becomes a pain point while filtering in reports
99% of the time I have started exporting and using excel for finding totals of filtered items, selecting multiple product groups.