Reschedule Job cards starting time & date according to downtime period


I have planned the work orders (and accordingly the job cards) for 60 days, however, sometimes we get an unplanned machine failure which cause the machine to stop working for a certain period until get repaired; my concern is how to shift (re-schedule) the job cards automatically considering the downtime period, and this should also affect the planned delivery date for the affected work orders as well.

Appreciate your support in this subject.

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Hello, great question.
We’re also urgently waiting for an answer regarding this subject.
Thank you.

Hello, For machine failure downtime we can put job card on Hold after that we put some flag in the Jobcard or a button it will ask you expected downtime based on that you can simply extend delivery date and other planned date as well. You can do such functionality for multiple Jobcard or based on Work Order as well.

Let me know if you need more clarity. We can find some better solution on this issue as well.