Reseller account - 3 questions

logged in to the ‘Reseller account’ at in: >My Account >Profile

  1. is it ok that the Reseller Profile (displayed on the top of the page) shows a different Code then in the reseller link (displayed a little further down) completing
  2. does that link work of the Activated field is not marked?
  3. how can you delete a reseller account (I have a surplus one out on any reason, not needed anymore)

Please refer FAQ’s here,

Please send accounts details at which you want to delete.

  • I have consulted that help but my questions are not being addressed in there. for example I can see a link, but can not select and copy it (maybe because “Active” is not marked). Do you think it may help to cancel both accounts (none have been used and start a new one?)
  • Will send a mail as advised about cancellation of the surplus account shortly, thanks