Reserved Item on submit of Sales Order not coming back to Stock on Sales Return

Hi, all Items are Maintain Stock. When a Sales Order is created the item gets reserved. When customer returns the item all reversal entries are automatically passed but the item in question remains in reserved quantity. Any one has clue why it is not removed from Reserved Qty to back in stock and how can we remove it if it is to done manually.

I have checked the forum for such issue. There was no response on the following

Nothing found in the manual as well.


Hi @jaichavan. Sorry for tagging you as no one come forward with root cause or solution. Would you be able to look into this issue? V11 Master Frappe and ERPNext on which this error occurs

This is figured out already but we only have a work. Around for it.

Sales order is created which makes item as reserve.
Then sales invoice is created against the sales order and this should be the end of item reservation cycle instead it continues when that invoice is returned.

Work around for this is to manually close the sales order. This removes the item from the reservation.

Thanks for reporting this issue – can you please create a GitHub issue for this bug?

Yes will do that on Sunday.

Also have few bugs and solutions to pr.

Potential fix for this: fix(stock): don't reserve qty on sales return. by dj12djdjs · Pull Request #31017 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub