Reserved Quantity: which transactions created it?

Hi! How can i know which specific transactions created the item reserved quantities? I am looking for the query screen where it shows the transaction numbers (series) and quantity it reserved.


Without looking into the code, most likely it would be Sales Order (increase in reserved quantity) and Delivery Note (decrease in reserved quantity)

Yes, that is true. Actually Sales Return also increases back the reserved quantity. What I am looking for is a query screen which will show me something like the ffg.:

Item Reserved Qty UOM Transaction
1101 10 Nos SO-2022-00001
1101 15 Nos SO-2022-00005
1105 20 Nos SO-2022-00003

Having this will save lots of time trying to figure out where those reserved quantities were created.


I can query the concerned table but it is better if there is a way to do it inside the system. Any idea?

How do you get the table? I have the same issue. Thanks!

You can get the reserved quantity by querying the table tabBin and column name reserved_qty filtered by item_code and warehouse