Reserving invoiced stock value as a liability

Consider the following scenario.

  • Create sales invoice without updating the stock
  • Debtor and Sales accounts will be updated as usual
  • Reserve the stock value as a liability by crediting the “Reserved Stock” liability account and debiting “Cost of Goods Sold” expense account
  • When the Delivery Note is finally created for the sales invoice, Warehouse account and “Reserved Stock” account will be updated

What I need is basically to log “Cost of Goods Sold” expense on the same date as sales invoice without actually having to reduce the stock qty. Qty is to be reduced when the stock actually leave the warehouse. This is because sales invoice can be created near month end and the date of delivery note carried to next month. This confused the customers when they looked at the profit and loss statement, and demanded that they would like the expense to be logged

Is this possible at the moment in ERPNext or is there another round about way to achieve this without having to rely on journal entries?