Reset Leave Allocation Auto-Naming


When trying to create a new Leave Allocation, we get the following error. Kindly advice on a way to reset the naming series of the Leave Allocation to the latest number - 355 :

Hi Pawan,

That is where I reckon we assign that Leave Allocation follows Auto Name of Series. However, how do I reset this series number.
We had uploaded some Leave Allocation and the series had not been updated. The Leave Allocation creation is currently at 355, however, the number of the series remained at 127.

Thank you.

Head over to Setup>Naming Series, and at the bottom, you’ll find update UPDATE SERIES. Select the prefix, and enter the new number.

Edit: Will apparently not work if you have a date format in there, as the date doesn’t become selectable for obvious reasons (eg. .YYYY. .MM. .DD.)

You would need to add the naming series field to the leave allocation doc type and it would appear in the Update naming series. You can use this if it is urgent.

We are also planning to push a fix for this soon.#6254 is the GitHub issue.

Hi @Pawan,

Thank you for the workaround. Great, that worked for now.
Looking forward to the push on the fix.

Thank you.