Reset Password empty from email


I am thinking of using erpnext for my small company!

But i am having some trouble testing it!

The problem right now is when i try to reset an user password the email that the system send uses a empty from. And my mail system is complaining about it, so it does not relay the email.

I already set up an “default outgoing” email.

It works when i set “use this email id for all mail sent from this account” But i dont know if i should set this up, as i am using the a incoming mail from another account!

There is no errors logs at frappe.

What can i do? Or the right way is to set the conifg i said above.


@sfrique welcome to the forum. Can you share the exact error trace / screenshot.

That is the point, there is no error trace on frappe log. It is just trying to send the email with an empty from.

As i said, this only happens if i dont set the default outgoing email.


Is your mail server specifically configured to this? For example, GMail will change back the “From:” if you use an arbitrary email address.

I have my on postfix and it relays to amazon SES

The amazon SES server that is complaining about the empty from…