Reset site Administrator login Password through cmd


I am running a multitenant site setup.
So I currently have multiple sites and for 1 or 2 I have forgotten the password I set for the Administrator accounts when creating the sites through the cmd initially.

I have been looking around and found the following:
“To reset ERPNext login, go to you database and execute:
update __Auth set password=password(“newpass”) where user=“Administrator”;”

I just changed “user” to “name” as it made sense to me when looking at the tables and the initial command yelled no such field after running.

So after I updated the password through the above mentioned update query I tried to login to no avail. I have tried restarting both bench and mariadb incase that might have been an issue, but no luck.

Any help here would be appreciated
Thank you

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bench --site [sitename] set-admin-password [password]

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Thank you, this worked for me :joy: