Resetting New User Password


This is a new deployment, hosted on my server. When I try to reset user password, it asks me to create email. When I try to create email (i.e. gmail id), it asks me for email domain.

When I create email domain as gmail, it never saves.

Basically I want to create password so user can login. When I create new user, it does not ask me to give password nor that user is able to login.

Please Help

You don’t need to create a domain for GMail. Just keep the box empty. You will get a list of services where you can select Gmail:

You can also set the password for the user after creation in the User Form under Change Password option (only can be done by admin/system manager)

I will try now and give feedback.

However, I dont find change password option under admin as well.

It gives reset password which tries to send reset link via email and obviously asks me to set up email inbox first.

I was able to set up user email but unable to change password. So still user cannot login. It only shows reset password in the menu not change password, any help will be appreciated.

Sorry for back and forth. I was able to change password and login! Thank you.

FOr all new users, its down below on user form itself :slight_smile:

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