Resize column field to display more column on table

Hi…its possible to resize the column field of table in erpnext?..

i would like to display the remaining days into the table view if possible.


You can achieve this by:

  1. Disabling “Editable Grid” for the child table.
  2. Check “In List View” for the column to be shown in the preview.

Hello umair…

I have tried your solution but its not working…the table view is still limited to 5 column.


You could try to change the columns field, if you set it to 1 you should be able to achieve your goal.

You can change it editing the child document and changing the value in each field.

It still doesn’t work after set each field to 1 …the table column size is remain.


given the space restriction, you can have only 5 field displayed in the collapsed view of a child table. To view more details, you should open row.

Did you try suggestion of disabling “Editable Grid” feature? With that, you will be able to have more than 5 fields value being shown in the collapsed view of child table.

Yeap…i have tried your suggestion to disable ‘Editable Grid’ but the table view is still limited to 5 field.

Anyway,we need to use the ‘Editable Grid’ feature in our requirements.

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Wondering if there has been any solution on this - looking forward to being able to display Monday to Sunday (> 4 columns) in the table view.

Thank you.


HI @umair , Any updates for this 5 field displayed in the collapsed view ? Can we increase to 6-7 field ?

You can change it in the editable grid js file in public folder

Hi @MaysaaSafadi ,
Sorry , I’m not a coder , can you show where I can edit in source code ? i.e file name/ folder name ?